November 25, 2017

The Professional You Are Hoping For

I am taking this time to share the experience my wife and I had with Matthew Dennison. I have been in law enforcement over thirty years, fourteen ans a supervisor. I have dealt with countless people in every walk of life regarding good and bad experiences. I believe I have developed a pretty good sense on evaluating and judging people. A personal and very good friend of mine referred Matthew to me for evaluating and possibly refinancing our existing home loan. Even though I trusted my friend, I was still somewhat reserved regarding what to expect from Matthew.
In April my wife Patti and I spoke with Matthew over the phone. I found Matt eagerly interested and easy to speak with. He sounded well versed in home financing, explaining things to me in a very understandable way. Matt was sure he would be able to help Patti and I, so a meeting was scheduled.

After just a few minutes, Patti and I found Matt to be the professional we were hoping for. He is energetic, funny, yet professional. This combination is complimentary and necessary due to the importance of financial burdens people face. If there was any stress in our lives regarding this matter, Matt immediately took it all away. The relief Patti and I experienced from Matt’s ability to work out a resolution was a blessing.

At the end of May, we officially refinanced our home through Matt, saving a considerable amount of income. The speed and results I experienced with Matt was outstanding. Not only do I want to publicly thank and commend Matt for this service, I will refer him to my friends without exception. I don’t give out compliments very often, but I think very highly of Matt both as a professional and a person.

~ David N, San Diego

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