October 19, 2017

It’s easy to be prepared

What documents should you have handy when you start emailing and calling about homes you see on-line, in the newspaper, etc?

Being prepared means to know where to quickly access clear, un-coffee-stained copies of your most recent pay stub, your most recent W2, and the most recent bank statement (where that down payment is being safely kept).  You’ll also want to know where to quickly access a copy of your complete federal tax return forms for the most recent two years.

That’s it, just five documents, and this simple step will help you because when you do call or email about a property, the first things a realtor will ask you:

“Are you pre-qualified?”, and “what lender are you pre-qualified with?”

You will need all five of those documents to get correctly pre-qualified. If you haven’t yet been pre-qualified, that same agent is going to attempt to refer you to their preferred lender, and if that happens lord knows who you’ll be dealing with.

Solution: Contact me first and have the documents I mentioned at the ready.  I’ll get you the correct answers to your questions, and get you pre-qualified properly.

If you are prepared with these 5 simple items you will be on the road to receiving quick and accurate answers to the questions you have about loans, down payment options and which terms are best for you, and most important, you’ll know which properties you should be calling or emailing on.

Happy house hunting

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